Don’t Quit Your Day Dream

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“Our life is composed greatly from dreams, from the unconscious attempting to weave us and our desires together. ” Anaïs Nin Usually we’re told to make our dreams come true. We’re told we’re responsible for wrangling our dreams into existence, and the fault is ours if we don’t succeed. If someone knew what success really was, which any meditative state will reveal, they will know it is not something to tie down nor does it require any type of violent force. The actual truth to how dreams come true is quite hidden. The short answer is that dreams are a… Read More »

Hiding Out Vs. Being Seen

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When I initially quit my job at Starbucks many years ago, I just wanted to hide. I refused to get another job because I was so emotionally spent from all the overcompensating I was doing. So I removed myself from the public eye in every way (e.g. no social media, blogging, etc) and went into hiding. In my reclusive experiment which lasted a few years, I found great joy in creating jewellery and writing poetry. I adored frequent long drives to a beach cabin with my then-boyfriend and being tucked away in nature with no societal pressures or distractions. I… Read More »

Whirlpool Road

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Oh Manitoba!  We packed up the family and headed to Clear Lake for our annual Father’s Day Gathering. With 20 people strong all staying in town, we opted for a quiet Bed and Breakfast retreat to spend our evenings. It felt familiar to be back on prairie farmland – reminiscent of where I spent the early years of my life. It was raining all weekend so we indulged in these indoor microwave s’mores since a campfire was out of the question. They were sticky, gooey heavenly goodness! Our bedroom was absolutely dreamy. Soft and cozy perfection that left us inspired… Read More »

Home for the Weekend

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I chatted with my soul sis-Star: I baked french vanilla cupcakes: I cheered for my rising dance star: I missed cuddles from someone who is traveling: So I watched a movie: which only made me miss him more…. What were some of the highlights of your weekend?

Wedding Week

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A Blessed Weekend

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lake house exterior

Calgary. Snowing one day, sunshine the next. Spring is in the air and I’m incessantly craving health food like my green smoothie concoctions with all my magic oils and powders. By lunchtime I crave green salads sprinkled with pumpkin seeds and hemp hearts, dressed in a creamy homemade raw dressing. This weekend Devon was here and we visited what’s become our favourite restaurant, the Lake House. This restaurant fits in beautifully in our natural Rocky Mountain backdrop we get to call home. Every detail is rustic, yet artful. The nature view of the water and secluded island is absolutely lovely, and… Read More »

4 Exciting Ways to Release Winter and Expand Into Spring

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Release Winter ~Expand into Spring!

by Liz Vequist Spring is traditionally a time of rebirth and renewal. In order to expand into Spring, it is helpful to first lighten our load. Let’s explore how we can release the heavy contracted feel of winter so that we can easily expand into Spring. 1. Detoxify your Internal Environment Release the heavy meats, fats and salty foods that keep us warm and protected in winter. Eat a lighter diet with more vegetables, especially lots of greens. Dark leafy greens (kale, collards, swiss chard), bitter astringent greens (dandelion and mustard greens), sprouts (green pea shoots, alfalfa, mung) and mixed… Read More »

Stop Doing Everything the Hard Way: How Overcompensating Will Ruin Your Life

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o·ver·com·pen·sate -take excessive measures in attempting to correct or make amends for an error, weakness, or problem. During my early years in the work force, I was extremely proud of my work ethic. I would give my all to the companies who employed me. I saw the potential to move up in position if only I worked harder. While I was working extremely hard, I never got promoted. This went on for years until I finally realized my approach was wrong. While there’s no question that work has to be completed and expectations have to be fulfilled, overcompensation is a different psychological pattern that… Read More »

Why Your Business Needs Feminine Energy

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You already feel it, don’t you? That it’s not just your product or service that will make you successful, but the energy you put behind it. Which is exactly the way you want it, otherwise everything would already be a commodity! If our business doesn’t have a healthy sense of feminine energy, we’re going to need to work harder, push more people to buy, believe that we’re all competing on price, and have a very hard time getting ahead.   Not to mention the inevitable collapse of the sisterhood that happens when women try to act like men. When you… Read More »

7 Reasons Why We Can Stop Worrying

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sad angel

I have always loved the idea of creating a simple and peaceful life. For a while I was living life just as another cog in the wheel, working just to support the survival of the system, while neglecting my own dreams, goals, and passions.  All the while continuing to worry every day about whether or not I would be able to survive. But I no longer have any interest in a soul-less, worrisome existence, at any price. There is infinite beauty in this experience we call life – abundance and contentedness is really easy when we know what’s important.  It… Read More »